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Ground Breaking - text


I know what it’s like to fall,
with best regards I say goodbye,
to my only friend, to the only one,
that recognizes.
Infuration runs through my veins,
I never wanted me to become the worst. No!
Imploration for salvation.
No one could teach me these values,
no one could bring me back to life.
Go waste your time.
Throw it away to the society.
Go waste your time, and I will not longer care.

This is the night of the neglects,
this is our way this is our fight,
no hesitate, no time for regrets
and we won’t stop until we die

Fighting for a thing you will never get to see.
Knee deep in hierarchy.
Controlled by superior,
outnumbered and entrapped.
No more time to deliberate
with high shells and cocktails and taut sails.
You’ve never been someone to back off,
but today you got wasted in contradiction

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