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Oh everything I do, drifts me closer to the hollow
And god takes WORDS away from me..
And just why am I so afraid?
Because you clawed my heart away...
(Will I) Will I ever be fine again?
Or will life pass me by?
With my greatest fear... (I'm scared)
To be left on the motherfucking sidelines

And god takes words away from me...
They left me in the dark, they left me to bleed!
But is it you, or is it me?
I can't, forget, about

The screams...

And all the fucking pain inside...
My legs are about, to,
give in to the northern lights
I lost it all, even my mind
And it makes it worse when you,
Don't leave me alone
(So leave me here)
To be by myself
(I feel it so)



It might be time
To wake me up
Just drop this life
And raise my...


High fashion

They took my senses away from me...
They found, a place
(They found a place)
Where I can be
All alone...
Disintegration of my heart
(I feel it)
I feel it burning in me hard
Just over the means... Of being alone

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