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If I stop wishing, putting hope in far off stars,
If I could follow dreams more close to home,
Be happy where things are

When left alone in anxious silence,
my thoughts conveyed continue living
And laces these lines with hopeful words,
that curl and dance across the page

I'm staring at these pages, their words are taking form
I'm putting faith in things that I never thought I would before
I'll tear down discarded thoughts,
that I've built up to keep this in
I'll slam the door on misery,
and choose to live this life instead

All of us are here to repeat ourselves
Until I find a better way, until I find a better way
The sum of all our fears, our only vow
Until I find a better way, until I find a better way

Sharing secrets in the pages
Scrawling words to keep me sane
To distract from discontent,
This pen becomes my voice
And I'll let the ink take form,
To the words I'm too afraid to say
And I'll follow

I'm ready to call sanctuary,
But these four walls will not protect me
While the sun rays light the door way,

I shield my eyes, and look away
And let the voices sing to me

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