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You're Killin' Me Smalls! - text


Can you spare a minute for me to clear the fucking air
It's been too long and too many songs
and its obvious that you don't care
I put my faith in nothing, for you to walk away

Break out the lies, you have nothing left to say
It's time to leave cause I couldn't believe
what you were telling me
But I don't mind that I'm on my own,
now you're stranded all alone
Is that all you can say "are you better off this way?"

You call me selfish, you would be with a life like this
I can't breathe and I can't believe you would leave
for something like this
I put my faith in nothing, for you to walk away

You've sentenced me to death..! [Breakdown]

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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