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My bones are like feathers, they quiver and quake.
But unlike my heart they don't easily break.
My brain is a crossfire, a war barricade.
But my walls were left shattered the day that you came.
I don't have much money, no gifts I can give.
But I'll give you my heart if you'll just let it live.
Every rose has it's thorn, every life finds a grave,
But you made life worth living the day that you came.
We'll run through the forest, dust chasing our heels
And I'll bite my tongue to keep my confessions concealed
I don't know what happened, was there something in the rain?
All I know is that I fell in love the day that you came.
I'll ask God for patience, I won't envy or boast
And when the devil comes calling you'll give up the ghost
I'll carry your heart like a boat on a wave
Cause you saved me from drowning the day that you came.
I'd beg, steal or borrow I'd cheat and i'd lie
To have you with me till the day that I die
I'll whisper a promise and utter your name
And sing of that moment, the day that you came

Text přidala Maybelle

Video přidala christina_s

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