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I left the old farm down in Texas
And bummed all around for a time
Then one day I found myself staring
At a sign that read Sunset and Wine.

The big cars and the beautiful women
Put beautiful thoughts in my mind
I decided to be a great actor
On the corner of Sunset and Wine.

Then a man with a cigar approached me
And he put his face right to mine
And declared a great star hit this cover
On the corner of Sunset and Wine.


Well, I thought he was right for a while
For the band seemed to thrill with each line
And they put my name in the sidewalk
Near the corner of Sunset and Wine.

Now six wives and six divorces later
I'm down to one very thin dime
And I wish I was back home in Texas
And I'd never seen Sunset and Wine.


I wish I'd never seen Sunset and Wine...

Text přidala Wicki

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Waylon Sings Ol' Harlan

Waylon Jennings texty

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