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Conversation - text


W=Waylon singing
H=Hank singing

Intro E
W: Hank let's talk about your daddy. Tell me how your momma loved that
H: Well just break out a bottle hoss. I'll tell you bout the driftin
cowboy band. W:(Yeah)
B Bb A
W: We won't talk about the habits
B: Just the music and the man. W:(That's All)

W: Now Hank, you just gotta tell me. Did your daddy really write all
them songs? (Did He?)

H: That don't deserve no answer hoss, let's light up and just move along.

W: Do you think he wrote em about your momma, or about the man who done
her wrong? H:(You know that)

B: Yeah back then they called him crazy, now a days they call him a
E A F#
saint. Now the ones that called him crazy, lord, are still writing on
his name.

W: Well if he was here right now bocefus, would he think that we were
right? (Do you think he might?)
H: Don't you know he would waltalja (not sure how that's spelled, but
you get the picture Waylon "waltalja" Jennings. His nickname.) be right
here by our sides.
W: If we left for a show at _____ (sounds like he says bovalt. Only
word I'm unsure of.)
B: He'd be the first one on the bus and ready to ride.
W: (that's wantin to go hoss)
H: (laughs)

W: Where ever he is I hope he's happy, you know I hope he's doing well.
(Yes I do)
H: He is cuz he's got one arm around my momma now and he sure did love
miss audrey and raising hell.
W: I won't ask you no more questions
B: Cuz the stories only hank can tell.

B: Well back then they called him crazy now a days they call him a
H: Most folks don't know that they
B: fired him from the opry,
H: and that caused his greatest pain.

H: Let me tell you about lovesick, how miss audrey loved that man.
W: You know I've always loved to listen to the stories about that
driftin cowboy band (and the man).
H: Know when we get right
W: down to it.
B: Still the most wanted outlaw in the land.

You'll have to listen to the CD to get the timing down and all the spoken
parts. All the verses are the same chords just at different times.

Text přidal Siorak

Videa přidali Siorak, Efai

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