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Walk With Honnor - text


I swear by the blade
Drew my blood to the flame
(Un)till the sky falls in
May my Honour remain.
Adorned with ancient symbols
(Of) Mother Earth’s might
Spirit Guards protecting
(My) defence as I fight

Walk with Honour as your only guide
Will of Iron, forged in fire
Crimson vows, freely sworn
Pledge thy heart (and) blade to the Land.

This spherical miracle for our lives do we owe
Why then do we treat Mother Earth as our foe?
Slow asphyxiation (as) the decades roll by
De - forestation holes in the sky
The scales now are weighted, ready to fall
Peasant mentality, stagnating in thrall.
Look safe to your own, the dark days draw near
Hold fast to your valour, no regrets or fear.

I hear noises on the wind
Which bear no meaning
I see Honour mocked
By those of no import.
If strength of will
Is weakness, so be it
Where dark clouds do assemble
I am the Storm.

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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