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As the Sun Stands Still - text

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Arise in glory, feel the power of the Sun
The land sparkles like emeralds
With every progeny of green
I can feel the grass grow,
beneath my feet.
I can smell the bounty,
yet to yield.
And the night fades so fast,
in a pre dawn sky,
Golden Lúgh,
eternal eye.
Leap through the flames of
the fire upon the hill.
Today is the day when
the sun stands still.
May the rays of the sun
Energise, light your way
Feast, make marry,
on the longest day.
Dance skyclad by firelight
From dusk until dawn.
Celebration of life
Worship the Sun.
Partake of the gifts
The fruits of the land
As the God of the Sun
Walks with Anú, hand in hand.
The shadows shorten,
the sun climbs high,
Not a cloud to be seen,
in the bluest of skies.
Spirits of the land
Spirits of this place
hear our call
hear our cry.
I am the fire,
that burns within your soul,
I am the flame within,
that will never die.
I am the sacred light,
that makes your whole,
I am the mighty sun,
that will never rise.

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