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Still - text


You look so happy
Smile on your face
I have known that smile so well
On my own frame

And I know it's just fault
But it brings back so many memories
So many memories
And I know it's just a fault
And we both let go
But something in your smile
Makes me want to know

Do you still miss me?
After it all?

After the rain came down
After I stole your crown
After I broke your heart
And than ran out of town

After I put pen to paper
After I wrote you that letter
Trust I never knew any better
I just book out on the pressure

And I know that just some words
Wtitten on the page paper
I don't think things could never
Be the same

And I know that just some ones
Writing by the way of trembling hand
If only I could stood up
I could have been
Not better than am I
Then may begin

Then you'd still miss me

But tell me what changes?
Tell me what changes?
What changes if you do

I shouldn't ask the question
It's just a separation
What they used to havin' another point
This conversation

'Cause I know it's just a break up
But I lost my best friend
And then one day
I'll hope I have you back again

'Cause I know it's just a break up
And of course it's gonna suck
But this is what I get
For giving you up
But if there's a chance

That you still miss me
If there's a chance
After it all

Then maybe we can meet for a coffee
You'll get a late
And I'll get a mint tea
And maybe we can start with friendship
Get back and touch with the lost history

'Cause I still miss you
There I said it
I still miss you
After it all

Text přidala DawnWolfova

Video přidala DawnWolfova

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