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I take it back, I was never alone
My censored thoughts, mild and monotone
I took a train to Berlin today
When I called last night you felt so far away
Tonight I'll laugh, I say whatever I want
Stay in the bar til the sun comes up
And I see myself through my sister's eyes
I'm a live wire, electrified
Sparks fly, sparks fly
Death grip on some feigned humility
Effort executed beautifully
My pride clenched tight in my shaky hand
Til I let go and buried my head in the sand
Or I'll go back south, I'll leave it all behind
See myself clearly for the first time
Since I met you on a foggy night
A disaster, dignified
Sparks fly, sparks fly
We sat in the hot summer twilight
Radio loud and the brim bite
The Coosa water is choppy and wild
I jumped abruptly, unreconciled
Float on my back, watch the purple sky
In the last moments of sunlight
I know you don't recognize me
But I'm a live wire, finally
Sparks fly, sparks fly

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Out in the Storm


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