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Don't Be Nice - text


Don’t be nice, don't be nice...

My policy is to call 'em as I see 'em, no filler
Quality people lift me up like the Colosseum pillars
Some go from pitching religion to sipping on kombucha
Politicians switching positions like it’s the Kama Sutra
Our narcissism has got us caught up like bars in prison
Claim we’re winning gargling seven dicks and a jar of jizzum

Your momma's a true beauty
Butt makes me weep, I call it a “boo-hooty”
Truly a hot mom
Other moms are doing their squats wrong
And if you don’t dig it when I spit it like an open spigot and I’m doing my duty
To drop bombs

Visit www dot kiss watskys gluteus maximus dot com
False modesty is a guilty habit
Some people simply have it
But the fact is I would not have spent a decade doing this
If I did not believe I was at least tiny bit ridiculously filthy at it

Wrote a book to branch out
After tour let’s have a singalong and camp out
Cause I came here for a single reason
And that’s for friendship
And for drinking til I can’t count—now

If you’re Jesus then we break bread
If you’re Beavis then we butt heads
If you’re a butthead, or a fake friend
I smack ya back to Hollywood enough said

Skin cream jars
Thin teen stars
Wanna hear a laugher?
A white rapper walks into 16 bars
I am large, I contain multitudes
I’m in charge of a strange cult of dudes
Infinity versions of me in parallel universes from total teddy bear to ultra rude
True, I don’t measure power by bravado, libido
Or by popping bottles with Hefner in the grotto in speedos
I’m never sharing my moscato if you suck like mosquito
So “open up” said the taco to the burrito, motherfucker

Don’t be nice, don’t be nice
Drop all the fuckery, stop it you ugly ignoramus
Rude and brainless
Super basic
Move if you’re contagious
la-la- la-la- la
I’m not listening

Got nothing nice to say then
Gather the wicked to sacrifice
Sucking the dick of the antichrist
Kicking the bucket is vital to life I know that’s the price
candy striped
do me dirty
think you’re worthy
hurt me
Mercy is not a courtesy currently that occurs to me
I turn up eternally, you will not stop it
True—my crew hotter than hot pockets
(This dude Watsky too cocky, let’s cock block it)
We do what we do because it’s true to us
While few puppets in suits up at the top profit
And if you got a new coup then I do not knock it
But I bukkake your Bugati with snot rockets

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