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Good job, Curtis!
I'm freaking out
Need a new route
I'm the shame of the family
I'm full of doubts
I'm full of fears
Count up the tears
I keep on ageing and ageing and
Stacking up all of these years, huh
I need to make a change
Can't live life this way
Need to make a change
From tying my shoes
To tying a noose
Too many choices
What should I choose?
Life is a race
I'm scared to lose
I'm paralyzed
I'm hitting snooze
I'll need some yellow
Warm up the hue
Been here too long
Just feelin' the blues
Everything scares me
I hate the news
The world is ending
So, what is the use
I need to make a change
Can't live life this way
I need to make a change
Growing up I was ashamed of my skin
Now I'm ashamed of my thoughts
Heard beauty comes from within
But my interior's rotten
Feel like a broken machine
Wishing that I was made proper
I'm too blinded by these dreams

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