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Lonely in a room full of people
Looking at me through a peephole
Damn, do I know myself
Don't know myself
Think I need some help, ah
Room full of people
All my visions turn to seem lethal
Know I really need some help
Can't stand myself
Can't stand myself
I think I think too much
I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired
I think I think too much
I hate the way my brain is wired
I think I think too much
I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired
Sick and tired
I see the new you
I heard the bad news
I failed to love you
I failed to love you
I want the good times
I want the bad too
At least it's something
Something to hold to
Fuck sports
I was cooler with them motherfucking dorks
Eating lunch alone out by the door
I'm just here tryna get my fucking work done
Till I'm on Noisey or Pitchfork
They ain't fuck with me back in high school
But the thing is, I'm still in high school
I don't really think none of y'all are cool
Fuck sports
I might just fly back to the north
With Daisy and my bike, yup, nothing more
Maybe my brodie's Tesla, one without the doors
Without the doors
Fuck sports
I'll be gone by the time you count to four
I'ma take your girl, fuck her to the core
While I wear a dress, found it in her drawer
In her drawer

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