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My hours live in double time
A headache lives between my eyes
I hold it hostage to a fault
And blame it when I lose my sight
It's things like this that make me
So frustrated on the daily
So bare with me while I lose my cool
I swear it's all just momentary

I'll watch you from my telescope;
My eyes stuck to my favorite show
I barely get more than a glimpse
But it's better than nothing, yeah, I know
I'll watch you from my telescope
The times I'm feeling far from home
From outer space the street looks small
So small I wanna

Drop it right now
You're one of my favorite few
Can't stop me right now
Like you'd even want to
What do I do?
You're one of my favorite few

I'm sorry about that, you know I'm sorry about me
It's just that it's not fun when I find out you're playing for the other team
It seems like a crash landing will always just come in handy
As I watch plan b and c escape
I'll hold them off until they don't let me...

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