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Dirge For The Final Journey - text


Crawling clouds hide the moon staining silver on the waves
Like a swarm of blowflies darkness slowly spreads throughout
They're coming back again this time with a width of horizon
Mourning will come to an end, morning will never draw again

Burden grates the bones like fire licking naked skin
Like the memories fuel the flame of burning pain inside
Time is ripe, unlock the doors to tiny, hidden room inside
Let the demons walk in, let the graves of time be sealed

...And whole earth falls asleep
Once abundant stream, now dries way...

(This is my legacy, written with razors to my flesh
My heart is buried, my soul dwells in sin
I belong to the abyss, and I fall with joy
For there was time when I walked among you all...)

Why won't this nightmare never end
After every funeral morbid season come again
I can't know if there was life outside anymore
As this winter within ripped my heart out and cut my soul in two

There is a point when every streaming stops, the Oceanus calms
Like a swarm of darkness blowflies slowly start their feast
Long and surreal journey this has been, and I know this is the last
Mourning will never end, morning will never draw again

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