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The Essence Of Black Purity - text


[2008 Reissue bonus track]

To reach the point in this desolation
When it all unveils
The revelation of a mysterious light
Was yet another dismal mirage
And I beheld another gate open
To a wound where dead flesh crawls
A loathsome spawn of what is feigned
By feeble minds, a thin veil that shines

Strong and Luminious
yet suffering from life's malady
Immense, yet chained
burning for Him
but trapped inside life's malediction
Yet slowly fading away
Beyond carnal perdition

Succumb, bearers of his plague
For his evil eats from within
Behold the falseness in the greatest of riddles solved
Life is a cold and empty lie

Born into a twilight
A mighty yearning to ignite
A voyage across black waters
Still aiming for his paradise.....
Falling into slumber
A departure swept in mist
Embraced by a higher force
Of supreme evil glory

Strong and Luminious
Yet suffering from life's malady
Immense, yet chained
burning for him
A watcher
Of your pallid and fading grace
For I can see a dawn
Swept in darkest haze

Burns in my eyes
Gaze into the barrel
And taste the wonders of Christ...

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

Rabid Death's Curse

Watain texty

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