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Time to get ready for my hot date!
Oh my gosh! I look like a hot mess
I have a lot of work to do
Where to start? Where to start?
First I have to get my hair looking just right
This brush isn't even working!
It must be broken, Whatever!

Moving on!
It's make up time
Let's do this!
I'm gonna look FABULOUS
You think I could be a model?
Duh! Of course! Is make up edible?
I mean YOLO right?
Is that still a good think to say? Uh!
Now my stomach hurts! I have to make boom, boom now
But first, POSE

It's date night once again my friend
Who's the man? You are! I better shave
Where's my deodorant? Are these still good?
Crap forgot to buy lundry detergent
I'll just flip them, third times a charm!
Did I workout today? When in doubt

How dare she take my man!
She makes me so mad
Who does she think she is anyways?
This will be the worst date ever!
Do my boobs lok even?
I have to look on point tonight
If I'm gonna get my man back
Lemme (let me) brush my hair real (really) quick
OMG! My brush is broken
Whatever. I have more important things to worry about
I wonder if I can twerk? Maybe I should practice
I'm FANTASTIC! Sally is so fake
What does Alex see in her? I will break them up!
If it's the last thing I do! I need a snack!
Am I forgetting anything? Whoa! I almost forget to POSE

Let's do this!

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