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I'll never give up - text


I'll never give up
No no no no
No no no no
I'll never give up
No no no no

If you didn't know I'm not on the market
This is not a race no one said ready set
I told you go away, I won't answer my phone
I just need time A-LONE

I'll never give up

Why do you want me so? Admit that I'm a hottie!
You said I'm smelly gross, but now you want my body
I'll never be your boo
You and me are through
When will you get a clue?

Baby I'll show you a good time
Come on get at me
Come on get at me
Come on get at me
I'm a good time
I'll make you happy
Why your hair so nappy?
Did you just slap me?
I'll never give up

I'm looking for way more
When you gonna learn that?
I'm too sexy for you anyway
I need you baby
No no no no
You make me crazy
No no no no
Why did you mace me?

Why are you making lies?
I've heard all this before
You said now you have changed
The past I can't ignore
OK I miss you too
No no no no
But I can't be with you
No no no no
You broke my heart in two
No no no no

But I never meant to hurt you
Come on get at me
Come on get at me
Come on get at me
One more try
I'll make you happy
Your hair's not nappy
Second time you slapped me!
I'll never give up

Did you hear? She said you're done
Now me and you can go and have some fun
She wants me and no not you
Game over! Don't pass go
That's it, you're through!
Now tell me girl, lemme(let me) ask you
When I be hittin' on you
Can you keep your cool?
I mean if you stay cool
And I do too
We can chill all night
'til our lips turn blue Oh!

Make me the happiest man alive?
Don't get me wrong!
Babygirl, I don't need a wife
But you just so happen to be my type
So let's make like penguins
And mate for life
Put him out of his misery
Tell me baby who it's gonna be
I'm the best as you can see
I'm meant for you, you were meant for me

Text přidala domik_18

Video přidala domik_18

Parody II.

Wassabi* productions texty

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