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I Can't Help Myself (Unreleased Demo) - text


All my friends say I'm crazy
They say I must've gone and lost my mind!
I fall in love so hard and fast!
"Slow down, boy, and take your time!"
But, if I do, someone else might come along and steal your heart
Then what good would patience do me, when the rest of me would be falling apart?


I can't help, just can't help myself
It's got to be you
I could never love anyone else

Though I know that someday you may leave me,
and take a chance and fall in love completely,
I can't help, just can't help myself


Sometimes, I feel my mind works on its own without my help
I think of so many things to say,
but something else comes out instead of me telling you just that I need you,
and how I hope that you need me.
Your love light is my guide to get away and I can see...


I can't help, just can't help myself. It's got to be you.
I could never love anyone else.
Though I know you probably don't believe me,
all I am is yours, I give it freely, I can't help, just can't help myself!


I'm not crazy. I'm not brave. But I'll protect you from anything
Standing outside in the pouring rain, just to hear the wind cry out your name...

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