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Thanx Killing - text


A corporate ID that shows you your fear
And a cross made the symbol we all need to bear
These monument buildings – a power to show
You live on your knees as they tell you so

Science is nonsense – the stupid are fine
Intelligence unknown, in gods own design
Progress's for demons and devils alike
Ignorant faith sill stands at your side

They conquered these lands
And showed you his will
With blood on their hands
Humanity's failed
The star struck are blind
The brain is impaled
(Get down and praise)

Thanx Killing

Diseases are made to whip out the weak
Sinners will die – their heavenly deed
The all seeing one is watching this hell
The future is set for evil to dwell

Hands folded to pray
The light's guiding way
A shadow of doubt
For nothing is real
And you've made a deal
To follow his ways

Full of deception they alter perception
The pages are written in blood
The words you devour just strengthen their power
Your mind feeds their hunger for gold

And so you celebrate an ugly feast
Your turn your heads so you don't face the beast
Your brains been blanked and now your in their grip
As they torture souls with their flaming whip!

Thanx Killing

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