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I Breathe Fire - text


I have arrived I am alive I have survived
I know what you've been told
I'm here to save you from that lie
Life's mysteries explained away for centuries
False prophets hide you from the truth
I am the one who made the earth and the sun
Allow me to supply you with the truth

I breathe fire Live for me
I breathe fire Die for me

Lies they practice to deceive
Lies you happily believe
Lies you gave and they received
The answer's here at last I know you all must be relieved
Locked inside your head until the day that you are dead
Heaven's great rewards all lie in wait
Little do you know that when it's time for you to go
Half of you they won't let through the gate

I breathe fire Live for me
I breathe fire Die for me

Out with the old lies in with the new
Spellbound watching sparks fly
Little man speak with forked tongue
I've been to hell it's not 5o bad
I see these religions just a fad
I know my lies are bigger than you've had
The way you look for truth inside a myth is really sad
Please form a line and kindly empty out your mind
Forget the other lies that you have sworn
I am here to save you all as long as you behave
Who will be the first to be reborn?

I breathe fire Live for me
I breathe fire Die for me

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