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A Song For Christina Grimmie - text


I’ll tell you a story
Bout a girl I once knew
Who grew up in Jersey
But to Cali she flew

We lost touch for a moment
Or maybe a year
But always carried her memory
Right between both my ears

She was bright, funny
Always wanted the best
Put a smile in my history
And I said for she left...

There will be time to catch up with you
maybe over coffee, or a quick bite to eat, when you’re 22

So I’ll
Take a little moment to say I really really miss you
I’ll be really honest you were never one I thought we’d lose
So I’ll
I’ll take another moment to say I really really miss you
Now we really can’t undo the time we could of should of used
so I’ll tell mom and dad I love them
Cause forever’s not far
If tomorrow’s not coming

You would ask for advice
On who you should date
I said ricky might be immature for his age

I remember how hard it was for you to grow up
Everyone had opinions on how you should look

They said cut off your bangs
And wear shorter skirts
But through the seasons of change
You never forgot what your worth

A heart of a woman
And faith like a child
I bet heaven is loving you
I bet you make Jesus smile.

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