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It's good to see you eat so well
Was she talking to me? Well I couldn't really tell
She smiled at me and I could see

a story taking shape behind her eyes

As the train pulled out she explained to me
‘Bout an unwanted girl and a pregnancy
But at 17 I couldn't be the mother that I'm trying to be now

A tragedy it came to me and offered opportunity
To take that train and face the things I know
Though it wasn't my heart to let her go
And now it's time for me to show
And I don't know why I'm telling you all of this…
But I gotta take that train
Can't be afraid of that train
I'm gonna take that train

It's good of you to listen so well
Though a stranger to me, I feel I can tell…
You that the man who she was intrusted to
Took his life, that's why I'm sitting next to you

Now my girl, she needs some help
The trouble shes in, and she can't get out
Without a knowing hand who understands
Because I've walked the road she's on

The tragedy it came to me, a thankful opportunity
to take that train and put the wrong things right
It's my chance to prove that if we choose it isn't always win or loose
And I don't know why I'm telling you all of this
But I gotta take that train
cant be afraid of that trainI'm gonna take that train

As the train pulled in and she grabbed her things,
all the memories and the painful things and she
stood to leave then she looked at me
She looked at me

The tragedy she shared with me is now my opportunity
To take a view and make the wrong things right
I wish I had the words to say
to encourage her but she walked away
I'm so glad she told me all of this

So glad I took that train
I learned so much on train
And I'll never be the same
Not since I took that train

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