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The Black Hand Reaches Out - text

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We are the order
You obey
Serve our command
Let terror reign
So we watch and wait
To tear down the state
The grasping black hand reaches out
Out for your mind
Out for your soul
Its icy talons close
Taking control
The black hand reaches
Out for blood
Out of time
And now it sunk its claws
Into your mind
Reaching out for you
End of transmission
Now go on your mission
We don't expect you'll survive
And if compromised
Take the cyanide
We can't allow your capture alive
Out in the streets
Nearing the goal
The operatives in palce
Taking control
The black hand reaches
Out in force
No more time
The assassin's bullet strikes
From behind
Mission successful
Panic in the streets
Agent terminated
With no trace or links
The pawn has served its purpose
Chaos now reigns
We watch the world burn
And rise with the flames
Taking control
Out of time
Now it's sunk its claws
Inside your mind
Washed clean
Mind control
And once the claws latch on
They don't let go
The black hand reaches out
Its claws around your throat

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