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The Spandau Enigma - text

[Music by Sergio Fernández Ribnikov & Guillermo C. / Lyrics by Sergio Fernández Ribnikov]

The military prison of Spandau was built in 1876 and it was a titanic and gloomy construction. After World War II, Spandau was operated by the Four-Power Authorities (the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and the Soviet Union) to house the Nazi war criminals that had been sentenced to imprisonment at the Nuremberg Trials. It was initially designed for a prison population in the hundreds, however, in 1966, after the release of Speer and von Shirach, the prison housed but a sole occupant for over 20 years.

Who was this man that was kept imprisoned for so many years in such a colossal place? He was the prisoner number 7 and that is the only thing we know for sure, for his real identity is quite a mystery. Was he really Rudolf Hess or was he a doppelgänger, a political decoy? Maybe he was called Alfred Horn after all...
In 1987, Rudolf Hess or Alfred Horn was found dead with an electrical cord wrapped around his neck. His death was ruled a suicide by self-asphyxiation but, he may have had some help from the British secret services. The Spandau Enigma lingers on...

[Prisoner No. 7]
I died yesterday, strangled by two men,
They said I took my life, but they'd taken mine twice.

They say they know me well, but I know I'm innocent,
My name is Alfred Horn, dead since May, 1941.

Then at last I closed my eyes. Forgotten? Forgiven?

Before my light goes off, I want you all to know,
Before my soul ascends, I wish to be absolved.

I was a simple man, a scapegoat for the great plan,
The big owl's left its cage and flew into oblivion...

[The Scholar]
Who died there... in that cold cell?
Quid est Veritas? - His dairy read.
Truth or tale?

[Prisoner No. 7]
So many years have passed since that dreadful night,
When I landed on the Glens and kissed my freedom goodbye.

A thousand miles away, four walls to drive me insane,
The flames of desperation burnt my hopes right to the ground.

Not alone, no, no, not alone. No, never, never alone,
Never, ever, utterly alone; voices in my head!
My madness dies with me.

Then at last I've found my rest. Forsaken? Forgiven?

So this is how it ends? I take the blame to the grave,
The men in black are here, my fate`s becoming clear.

The enigma lies unsolved, six feet underground,
But I have told my tale and crave for absolution...

[The Scholar]
Who died there... in that cold cell?
Quid est Veritas? - His dairy read.
Truth or tale?

We may never ever know,
The Spandau Enigma, one and all,
The mystery lingers on,
The Spandau Enigma lies unsolved!

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