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This is war
Seduction set to manipulate
The very essence of your human will
Wicked in its intent
The spirit roams the earth
Seeking its next meal
And seducing the minds of many
If her eyes could kill me would I be immorally dead
What if she proved herself in the quest to manipulate
Eyes set to kill push back reveal
Carry the minds of many deceiving roads of plenty
Lust of the flesh your thoughts and dreams
Come crashing down prayers based on self-esteem
Welcome to fear now isolate yourself in your mind
This is war
Why do you run
We stand firm
Rooted in conflict
Face your fears
You stand and play the victim
Never wrong facing everyone
You walk all over my heart
You claim to be so innocent
I must admit all your problems play over again
Your idol hands around their throat sucking the life from them
Push back revive seeing through these lies
Stand by her side it's time to watch her die

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