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A gift to own, was not the field mountain desert plan
So on three moon roam, left three boys to return a man
And on the southern ride, share eyed and gallop proud
They saw the silver lone wolf that would lead them through the northern clouds
Hunting only in darkness
Riding swift with the sun
Now only two mustangs leaving
From a smoking mound of stone
Cascading falls, and fire side sounds they make
Not a gift to own but a vision of who creates
And on the northern ride, brought rain and peyote steam
And now the silver lone wolf only watches no longer leads
(Repeat chorus)
He watch from jagged canyon walls
He watch from feathered mountain floor
He watch the elder from spirit young
He watch the ghosts of two young warriors cut out each others tongue
So from this three moon roam, cut in half by a path they made
Long miles home, their direction not left to chance
Just like they were told guided by “soldiers stance”
Guided by the ghosts now no one will watch the dance

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