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They Come In Shoals - text


The city's sky blows blackened doom
Onto the little life that's left
You're still glued to a screen
While the real world turns to dust

Mind control devices
Installed for education
Are focussing your energy
On the furthest thing from reality

They keep you deaf
To the sound of revolution
They avert your eyes
From the sceptics decapitation

Seek no solace digging for roots
There is no interpretation for truth
No solace for truth

Omnipresent secrecy
Under the flag of democracy

There's feds at the door
Oh it's just fed ex
Thought I heard walkie talkies
Must've been them redneck neighbours of mine
They fuckin with they cb
And we in the spot watchin c.o.p.s. on tv

You have been sold
You always bought what you've been told

You have been sold

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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