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C.G.B. Spender - text


If people were to know the things I know
It would all fall apart
They will never know the truth

They are coming for us
The course of human history
Will be set by an unknown man

Men can never be free
Because they're corrupt
Worthless and weak

They believe in authority
If the project's to go forward
They must never believe any differently

We must never believe any differently

I am the orphan
Yes, I am the one
I am the black-lunged son

I'm the arch enemy
Who killed JFK?

Anyone who can appease a man's conscience
Can take his freedom away
Reduce religion to science
Make no greater explanation exist for him

You will believe in authority
No miracle or mystery

How often did I change history?
No monument will bear my name
Nothing vanishes without a trace

And here you are with a gun to my head

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