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The mind travels in this song
The visuality control
fills my mind for silence
Desolation into brightness
The temples are then building hard
The veins are throbbing far apart
The belt is tightening, mind is clear
Every cell's in fire here
The only thing that makes me aware:
My heart's fluttering in mode spare
The moment's 'bout to last for good
I can't breathe and that's for sure
Sweat runs in excitement
creating waterfalls on my tensed skin
Intoxication energy
Steely is my mind so FREE!
About to burst out an Evergreen
About to shoot the penalty
About to create a story high,
daring now the human mind
Can't you see it's not now, when
the execution's 'bout to happen
The goal is NOW and apparent
I'll do now what I was MEANT TO DO!
Like I'm on your side
I burst off my energy
This empty field is killing me
One step done and next ahead
How I'll ever find to bed?
Bring me the horizon, forever fields in sight
Can't you see it's all too much to fulfill this human mind
Anyways I'm drifting...
Anyways I'm drifting...
Anyways I'm shifting
Anyways I'm not any bad!!

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