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The endless stream is touching the sky
when entertaining warriors will play the next line
The others stayed, I went
Too much time here I've spent
It's warmer here where I used to stay
The restless soul will start to play
I took a lift to the line of 1000 exciting minds
Suffocation exctasy is filling me in
To be free in jail
To shoot, to be a hero!
The wheels are leading to the sky
of neon lights, flashing by
The money is not the thing
but raging for my right to live
Machine gun steel keeps me awake
while two cock-needing pets bring me to the city
It looks the building's way too high
I'd like to point my mind off the sky
(I could fuck you on the roof!)
Neon lights against the dark sky,
full of beauty, hanging high
The space's burning, the roof's not straight
I'll be the god of this night game!
I'll never watch you, mdma...
Stop your dreams! Now it seems, we are late for our fate
We're not clear, leaving fear. We're alone, rolling stone!
A shaman, just a man, make no sense not immense
Time to go into the flow!
End of freedom, end of show!

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