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I, shaman, trudging aimlessly in the shades of the neon lights
(all day running!... hunting!... wanting!)
White snowflakes falling, flashing under the halogene lamps
(Warning: It's morning! Morning is coming!)
The leaves of a plastic tree under a bright white mist
(warning, falling, wanting, running) In the snow make-up
girl hobgoblins trudging with their boots...
I keep on wanting
I keep on searching
I keep on hunting
...For when the mankind's struggling for their safety, preservation
The poor are raising their huge force against the domination!
(every machine needs some oil to move
Coffee with a muffin makes me groove...)
Good that there's some cents in my pocket
from the last night's rave
It's time to go and meet some friends in Robert's Café
I could stay Travolta all night long
But now it's good to stay calm and live for minimal product
(I live for a minimal product...)
I did never believe that way, that merry-go-round
is all what we need
I'm not taking in of what you say, to raise a family
and work all day
Oh I keep shining in my tired mind, being friends with everyone
To be free, not being in jail...

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