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How Far You've Come - text

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You'd have a wonderful day
If you could see how lucky you are
Now don't get carried away with your heart
You're better where you are
You're not the only one
Who's fair to hang on to a moving star
Now don't be sorry, what's done now is done
And this is who you are
These days feel numbered and long
There's no one to speak of, there's no one at all
But you're not the reason that everyone's gone
That's not how they are
There is no system to change
No conditions are made, no permissions to start
Now don't go drawing lines in the sand
That's not who you are
Sometimes a high wall is just a wall
Sometimes it's only there to make sure you feel small
But maybe that'll save you
From the depths of a musty performance
The truth will not set you free
It's okay to believe that you're not good enough
God is not angry, not blind, deaf, or dumb
He knows how far you've come
He knows how far you've come
He knows how far you've come

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