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Hello, hello, this is Monkeywrench, come in,
Calling Money Hutch headquarters.
Tell Smoky Grayhead the bus stopper is a guy.
Tell Mister Magden to check on the chocolate (shotput?).
And I thought this was a glamorous job.
Well, there's that man who's got everything that he needs
And when the world is falling in he'll never bleed
He goes by Jones in Istanbul and Smith in Peru
His job's never through
It's time to start this little game of cat and mouse
And try to keep one step ahead there's strangers in the house
His watch is really a radio, his gun a pen
He knows that it's all gone, no mom, nobody wins
Spy world x16
Shaken, not stirred, okay?
I'm really tired of wearing these sunglasses.

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