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Red sun falls into the sea
Leaving scars on the face of a molten sky
Cracked bells toll for those
Who've been buried thousand times
No place to hide, no peace for humankind

Too late to leave this place
Too late to cry

Bad moon is on the rise at last
Army of the dead is on its way to reap the sin
It brings us doom and curse, it brings us judgement day
No rest for the devil, who takes god's name in vain

Too late to leave this place
Too late to cry

The army of the dead...
...waiting for you all...

Lights go out
And the traffic stops
The phone is dead
No more urgent calls

No more drugs to shoot in, no more love to buy
No more shots to take, no more lullabies
No more little children, in the little house
No more sick desires, devil's on the loose

Lights go out
And the system has failed
The phone is dead
Absolution's delayed

Can you hear the message, can you hear the voice
Waving on the cries, waving on the noise
Army of the dead is waiting on display
Nothing left to try, nothing left to say... only your lies

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