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It’s back to the battle today
But I wouldn’t have it any other way
Cuz tonight we’ll be crazy as kooks
I’m dancing
This lovely wooden floor
The tom toms are beating up
Eyes are so sore
There is still sand in my suitcase
There is still salt in my teeth
I kissed her in the window
She covered up her face
She’s pretty as sherry

Someone said, “man let’s take our time”
So here I am
So here I am
Crashed up a party, nickels and dimes
A handful of strangers, all friends of mine
You know that your married, rings on your hand
So I didn’t stay till the end
I don’t need a Christmas card you don’t even write
Last Christmas was black and blue
But this year is white
Everyone’s repeats, repeats themselves
So deep in my head
Tonight keep your shirt on
You can leave the way you came

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