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We Are Legion (Ft. Marcus Jasak of Science of.. - text


Wake Up and see the light
sending out our declaration of war
to the society off cold blooded beasts.

They must be shaking in fear,
before our new-found pride.

The powers within our tainted souls,
bestowed upon our flaming hearts
of the resistance against the civilisation.
Collaboration of many merched in one.
Open our eyes! We are many!
Many merched in one.
We are legion!

High and mighty on the sky thrones,
they're looking down on us.
Deep in the mud,they fabricated.
In a world they've created.
We are here to turn!

We are fucking legion!

To turn this back,
back in to a wasteland.

We fight fire with fire
and evil with evil.
The day after tomorow will come.
They will break!
But the resistance of our hearts shall never fall,
because we are many, many merched in one.

And from the depths of our hell,
we drag them down!

We are many!
We are legion!
Take'em out!
Drag'em back to hell!

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