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It takes a glance in the mirror
To see discontent in your eyes
Sardonic laughter burns inside your head

Inwardly disintegrated
Overlain by your perfectionism
We stay together 'til the end of days
You brighten up the gloomy lane
Spread my wings when I broke down

The ony one
Who is honest to me
See my skin and bones to return the favor
Nobody will understand the mutilation
Just appreciate the outcome

But wait!

Now I've seen through your blurring eyes
What if what you want isn't best for me?
Caught in chains I set myself
Struggled 'til the tears ran red across the fissured surface
I tear myself away from the blurred semblance
Away from anything you want

I set a fork in our road
Our conceptions won't share the same lane anymore
Remembering the beauty
But you will never hear a greatful thought
There will be no happy ending
If your grotesque ideas will enforce

Heaven looks different
From every point of view
I burst the lock
Hope gives me strength
The sun has set
Your sight begins to faint
But your voice will be heard forever

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