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Honestly you probably shouldn’t listen to a word I say,
Cus girl i feel like i’ve been dizzy for days,
Would you do it if i asked you to stay,
Or would you tell me it’s a little too late,
Cus if it is i’d be happy to fade,
Said i’d pick a better time and a place,
But if it’s not and you still got monsters,
My demons would be happy to play,
Just look at everyone’s faces,
Y’know that they faded,
Always escaping,
I did too much taking.
Now when you say shit,
It feels it’s nothin' like,
When i had you girl,
At least i had somethin right,
Deep like the ocean,
Seizing the moment,
My cards are showing

And I don't mean to put on the pressure,
But if you ever wanna do it to me again I probably would let ya,
I know it's a little bit extra,
To say that im messed up’s an understatement,
It’s time that i let go im done with hatin’,
I hear music having me blasting,
Life is steadily passing,
And baby i’m not exaggerated,
So im keep deep diving,
Just to see where you hiding',
And if you aren't in the sea,
I just wait until I dream,
To see if i can find you...

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