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Radiant ghost
Love you the most
Call me from the next town
Call me when you lie down

Were you drownin'
Or just wavin'?
As you pulled away
Pulled away

Home is the one thing
That winds us in wire
Home is the one thing
You can't face alone

If the glow of the ember
Helps you to remember
Don't let them go
Don't let em' go

So many stars and still we starve

Don't you tire of this hunger?
Of the spirit... that you've spent
It's a wasted road, we wander
When only one love is radiant

Radiant skin
Touch me again
Love will not kill you
But wisdom sure will

Last night I saw the ghosts
Jumpin'...from the train
Chased em' as they walked away
Asked em', if they knew your name

Where only our... love... is radiant
Where only our... love... is radiant

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