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Smoke, Drank (feat. Mouse & Kebo Gotti) - text


A long ride to the west
M.O.B. tatted on my chest
Lord please don't let me rest
Why these niggas wanna stress
Nigger please give me strength
All time
Why this shit .
Those man I got to win
I saw . like a
Aint no point with all these
Bitch Im from the gro
Fuck a joint
Squad thats my home team
Smoke drank
Smoke drank nigger
Middle finger to the face
Im gonna be tied it on my leg
When niggers wanna see me dead
Act like
You niggers heard what the fuck I said
Move the service . make your bet
. make a nigger shake no
Nigger wanna bring you . with a
. in a fridge a lot of niggers talking about
All the niggers swear like a mother fucking

I got a bitch . I got to pull money from every single bitch
. in the hood trap on the cheese
I was way on the streets me and my pistol
. on my dick like a parasite
I make her . then I smoke and drink all fucking night
Smoke drank
Smoke drank nigger

See Im gonna smoke until Im not gonna smoke no more
Ill drink until I cant drink no more
. money see and watch them roll
Stand up . until it cant no more
.run with the beat . its a lot of him
You can ask . drink up
Who is this nigger trying to act like me
. been in here
Been out shut him
.disappear just like magic
I Smoke drank
Smoke drank

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