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My flow will have your girl a controlling type, put a plan to get her
Now all my niggas eating shooting at haters, police
Bop and weaving if you ain't on this side
Shit I [?] wouldn't want to be
Beat them like Ali, [?] in Scotland
Sold out shows in Glasgow, came a long way from the glass bowl
Ass hole big diamond rings on my pinky like I won the Super Bowl
My flow is on another level backhand the devil
Then I picked up the shovel
Insane in the membrane is what the doctor labeled me
Get knocked off like the Kennedies
At the top eventually, you'll be sitting motherfucker
Never been a runner or a ducker
Sucker not me, Brick Squad Monopoly
Handguns shotguns choppers [?]
When you cross the line man slaughter no apology

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