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Ha ha, you ain't nothin' you say you is
Just let everyone know
Uh, just know that I know, I know, I know
The streets; they fallin' strong
Just know that I know
Uh, fuck them
Nigga, you know I know
They know Flocka got these streets, fuck this industry
I know he fakin', fuck his feature, won't get shit from me
A lot of rappers see before [?] supporter
They just mirrors full of smoke, they ghosts, they can't afford it
You give the streets a bad name, you can't fill these shoes
No, you don't really live that life, who you tryin' to fool?
I'm the type that you call to get you chain back
You the type to go out of town and get your chain snatched
I'm the type to get some money, all my niggas' good
You the type to turn your back, that's a bad look
How you real, don't put no money on your [?]
But you buy a bitch Chanel just to hit the pussy
I lost some niggas in this shit, got some inner fans
I been up and felt some droughts, I done lost some bread
Know how it feel to be fucked up, can't even hold your head
But you ain't really in this shit, so you won't understand
You don't know how it feel to put your life on the line
For your niggas when this beef like, "Fuck the other side"
You ain't that nigga you say you is, boy, I know your kind
You the type to hit the cups, scared to throw your sign
Pussy-ass nigga, ha ha, fuck-nigga, I see you
God, it was poppin', man, homie, what's up, bro?
B.S. and we in this bitch, man
Down south criminals, man
You know how we rockin', man
Big homie shit, man
I'm in the hood, I'm in the raids
I'm overseas, I'm in America, I'm in China
I'm in London, I'm in Africa, I'm in Australia
Nigga, I'm everywhere, partner, what you up to?
Bank accounts in, like, seven different fuckin' countries, man
I'm eatin', man

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I Can't Rap Vol. 1

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