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BSM we ain't a label, we a fucking mob
Every single nigga with us is a fucking boss
Nigga imma keep it real, that's a fishing rod
If you got a problem, we got shooters that'll get involved
Oh Lord
Yall done got em started, nigga
Oh Lord
When they pull them choppers out you better run for it
And that's just on some trill shit
They go to 0 to 100 nigga real quick
They say Flocka can't rap
So what? I don't need it
I put niggas in the trap
Now I'm what you need, nigga
Neighborhood supplier
You better believe, nigga
Smell it through the vac
Don't even need to see it nigga
CEO, AP on my arm
Check my neck, 80 piece for this charm
We ain't the same, I'm a king, you a pawn
Your name ring bells
Mine ring the alarm
I led my niggas to the water, so we all drink
My team strong ain't no room for barlink
Still that same hood nigga
What did yall think?
If this me [?]
Oh Lord
Yall done got me started, nigga
Oh Lord
That done got me flexin', nigga
Oh Lord
Walk in my garage just like chauffeur
Pull up 0 to 100 real quick
Black Bently pull up
Looking like its gothic
Street nigga throw up in a 50 just to wash it
I get paid to go to cities just to moshpit
Came a long from selling tins out the projects
I know niggas never been to a college
They just tryna whip a Benz out of pyrex
Going hard on the Benz for the profit
You ain't counting unless you box for deposits
I went from 0 to a million nigga real quick
Big gun, I kill a nigga real shit
You got a head cause I salivate real spit
I went from 0 to a million just freestyling
Dirty laundry, this way this money piling
Seem like everywhere I go I get respect
Seem like everywhere I go I get a cheque
I went from 0 to some millions like I'm Alex nigga

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I Can't Rap Vol. 1

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