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Believe Me (Freestyle) - text

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Mo' fuckers never loved us, they hated us
Same niggas turned to dickriders once your paper up
Don't ask me bout these rap beef, swear this shit fake as fuck
Run into these Cover girls, they just start making up
Don't apologize nigga, now I'm a fuck you up
Make you swallow your pride with a bullet, give you bubble guts
Double up, wonder why these rappers never fuck with us
A couple of 'em thought about it but they never touching us
You don't know what to do with money
I'm still spending "O Let's Do It" money
Imagine "No Hands" money, that's that I don't give a fuck shit God damn money
Really need to recognize who you talking to
I get paid your yearly salary just to walk it through
Wonder why I stay grinning? Cause a nigga stay winning
All them cars and the cribs, a home and they ain't rented
I should feel bad for 'em truthfully, this the motherfuckin rap game, who do you believe?
I told 'em when I started only option is shootin me, or salutin me, I'm still here and the crew with me
Called in help before someone get the best of me
I be at the lake house, wildin' on some jet skis
Daddy back run along do your chores mane
Bricksquad Monopoly is not a fuckin' board game
I'm the only one that get the job done
I'm payin nobody, shoot my own gun
I'm the only one that get the job done
I'm payin nobody, shoot my own gun

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