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In Your Darkest Moments - text


In your darkest moments never forget that you can and will make it through
Never forget the hard times that you already have made it through
And understand that in the future there will be more challenges but also more rewards
And all of this counts as life
It's all part of true joy
Everything counts

After all, these ups and downs aren't here to hurt us
They're here to thrill us
To make the rollercoaster ride of life even more interesting and spectacular

Deep down inside we don't really want an easy life
We want an amazing life
And the strength to love it with all our heart

Besides, darkness and shadow, those are not our enemies
They're as necessary and natural as the nighttime is to the day
The dark isn't bad, it's simply the light casting a shadow

Our ultimate quest is not to destroy the shadows or our demons
But to learn to hold hands with that side of life
To party with our demons

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