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Eyes of the maker - text


am fell and I've been cursed
My rebellion from my pride
And I choosed a third and I fooled the earth
Loosed in heaven like a noose I bindBehold I tell, of a bolt I fell
Of lightning in the sky
Ooh and preyed on Eve to curse and grieve
Ooh and I'm damned for all time

Take me inside
Can you bring me alive
How can I kneel
When my soul's a liar

Take me inside
Come on, bring me alive
Eyes of my maker
Was I chose and why

Hear me how, where I rule for now
My pearls before swine
And in that tree I lied, deceived
Naked I preyed a snake in the vine
Golgothas' worst, I railed and cursed
And nailed the cross all time
Ooh by chapter and verse, by God I'm cursed
Cause I can' look into His face I'm blind

Take me, won't you take me
Damned to man when I fell from the sky
My makers eyes, bring me alive
How can I kneel when my soul's a liar
Take me inside, bring me alive
Eyes of my maker was I chose and why

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