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Step into my house of pain.
Witness my glorious reign.
Corpses piled high!
My testament to a murderous life!
The trophies of a seasoned killer sewn together.
What a piece of art!
Living for the thrill of the kill!
These corpses embody this mans broken mind.
The stench of rotting flesh fills thee air!
Can you taste the despair?
Collecting corpses.
Putrifying them.
Hardening dead flesh.
Time to build a wall!
Look up closely inspect thee artistry!
Their skin stitched together perfectly!
You can still see the pain in their eyes,
The moment of death immortalized!
Hanging on the wall like trophies.
My victims all wearing a permanent smile.
Go on look up closely all of them harvested at the ripe age!
Complete symmetry
Something is missing
None were good enough
Fucking worthless sluts
Delicate fragile
Skin embalmed in wax
My knife work insane
I am harvesting!
Mesmerized by her body parts!
Her skins so soft
Be careful who you trust
I will never stop!
I'm too addicted to the rush!
I am the human butcher!
Their organs shall feed the poor
Flesh on flesh!
Witness the WALL OF CORPSES!
I will never stop!
I'm too addicted to the rush!

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