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My desire to kill is influenced by the current state of affairs.
Growing up watching my people look up to someone who wasn't there.
These motherfuckers who control the cash will crush like insects beneath my feet.
Follow me brothers as we smash their skulls to the sound of the beat.
Marching upon the parliamentary house with clubs in hand.
One bag of gold for every severed head that touches land.
Havoc ensues as suits are stained in rivers of blood.
Slaughter and kill them all!
Marching in legions of non-acceptance, Molotov Cocktails in hand!
I assembled this army to beckon the dawning of a new age.
We will rise up from this oppression and take this world for our own!
Erase your aspect of reality,
Recruit those of the same mind
A war rages in ourselves we must escape it now!
Slicing at the throat of the King.
This is a war that you shall not win.
You may rule now but you will not prevail.
I'll keep the crown and I will not fail!
[Don Campan Part 1]
'Unleash the revolution!
Reclaim your right to live again!
All those prescious lives that were taken by your serpent hand.
To find some proper vengeance for it.'
Risen from thee ashes of my peoples past troubles!
Risen from thee ashes of my very being!
Risen from thee ashes to behead thee oppressors!
Risen from thee ashes of our very being.
[Don Campan Part 2]
'Right here and now we need to stop living in fear.
Fear of our pasts.
Fear of our present.
Fear of our futures.
If we want to survive we must act as one or all hope is lost.
Now is the moment!
Now is the time!

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